There are rumors that Erin is actually two people because no one person could accomplish as much as she does in a day. Others claim she is an urban legend told by sous chefs because no pastry chef can work the sauté station too. Some old photos emerged that show a young girl working at a duct-taped double easy-bake oven with a commercial mixer in the background. The only things that are certain are that Erin's career in kitchens is both varied and extensive. If you see her drinking out of the boot, approach with caution because you can't put that thing down until it’s empty.

Girl Loves Cake Desserts

Girl Loves Cake Desserts started as a side project while I was working full-time as a pastry chef at local restaurants. I started experimenting with macarons to see what the buzz was about and it stuck. The side project has grown in to a full time macaron business. Set up as a made-to-order bakery, I offer pre-order pick up events multiple times a month at my Lakewood kitchen and surrounding businesses.